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.In 2015, at a cross roads in life, having ended a 24-year spousal relationship and a 30-year corporate
career, Jena embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

What she learned, propelled her to a new level of freedom  and an influential voice of healing, personal change, and growth. With the release of her book, Mirror Affirmations, in 2018,  she continues to impact lives around the globe helping women heal and lead purpose-driven, fulfilled lives.

The Purpose Driven Woman Network™ accelerates her mission to empower a million women around the globe to own their power, embrace their destiny, live authentically, fulfilled, and economically empowered without regrets.

Her coaching mantra is  "Every woman must first discover her path, and then create the pathway to get there."

What's Included in Your Subscription

Bi-Weekly Digital Coaching Sessions

Digital Coaching Sessions will be released bi-weekly with full access online from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. 

Each session is taught by Jena and occasionally we will bring guests experts to our network. 

Members get to submit topics to be addressed so every session is relevant and timely addressing life issues you face  that block you from stepping into your purpose and experiencing your best life.

Live Q&A

We will frequently conduct  Q&A's where you can ask direct questions and participate in a live group coaching session to help breakthrough challenges and grow to your next level. We address issues covering health, wellness, relationships, career, family, monetizing your purpose, growing your business, expanding your career, and building wealth. 

Network with Private Community

We are not just a network. We are community of like-minded women, a sisterhood where you  can be you.  

We collaborate, get support, partner, and build lasting relationships. In the Network, no masks required! 

We thrive in authenticity and in our own power without
fear, competition or comparison. 

Our goal is to live full out, out loud, on purpose, unapologetically, authentically, and unlimited!

Access to In-person Events

A few times a year we will do exclusive, member-only live events, international retreats, and masterminds. These will be extremely limited and you will have first access for tickets.

The Purpose Driven Woman Mindset Journal 

A life of purpose, is a life filled with gratitude, intention, alignment, and the right mindset to create fulfillment, joy and freedom.

The Digital Journal is the solution for you to stay on your path, on purpose, with the right mindset. 

Exclusive Bonus Content

You will get access to bonus content such as masterclasses, community meet-ups, courses, inspiration, and life hacks to assist you on your  journey. 

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